Keeping France’s oldest sparkling wine tradition alive

Indie winemaker Baptiste Gazeau wants the future of French sparkling to honor its oldest roots — with Blanquette de Limoux.

He’s a 7th generation winemaker in Limoux. This southern French region, nestled in the windswept Languedoc-Roussillon, is the most tenured French sparkling region in the world — but you’ve probably never heard of it.

Naked’s latest independent winemaker in Limoux, France — Baptiste Gazeau– puts his own spin on a 16th-century French sparkling tradition.

Baptiste Gazeau is here to change that.

He’s on a mission with his mother Françoise – a fellow modern Limoux winemaker backed by Naked Wines – to reveal the world’s best-kept sparkling secret. Limoux first made sparkling wine in the 1500s, pre-dating the first bottles of bubbly in Champagne. The secret’s out!

If you’re asking… “what’s Cremant?” It’s simple — Cremant refers to any sparkling wine made outside of Champagne. While Limoux didn’t have the publicist Champagne did all those centuries ago, it’s time the world knows that a French sparkling wine by any other name is truly as special and delicious. And Baptiste believes it’s Crémant de Limoux’s time to sparkle!

Only 23 and with bubbly in his blood, Baptiste is taking on one of Limoux’s oldest traditions — Blanquette de Limoux. It’s the world’s oldest sparkling wine, but Baptiste is giving it life and making it young, fun and fresh — just like him. It’s delightfully refreshing. It’s ever so slightly effervescent. It’s the créme de la Crémant.

There’s no telling how far Baptiste and this next generation of Limoux will go but Angel support is giving him the wings he needs. Follow Baptiste as he makes the world a bit more bubbly.

Meet Baptiste’s Blanquette de Limoux

This lightly effervescent sparkling is a vibrant piece of French history — it’s fanciful, fresh and just a little bit effervescent — the bubbles are fine, super delicate and barely-there.

Sparkling wine has been made in Limoux since the 16th century and with your support, Baptiste is bringing you its oldest treasure, but he’s making it young and fun — even his label is hipster cool.

We recommend popping a Blanquette as an apéritif for your next special occasion. It will bring that je ne sais quoi only the finest French sparkling can.

Baptiste got it from his mama. Francoise Gazeau, pictured, right, is a 6th generation winemaker in Limoux. 23-year-old Baptiste follows in her footsteps.

Baptiste Gazeau, based in Limoux France, is one of 98 independent winemakers supported by the customers of Naked Wines, USA. Learn more about Baptiste and his bubbly magic by visiting




The online #indie wine shop with a big mission: To change the wine industry — for the benefit of independent winemakers and wine drinkers everywhere.

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Naked Wines

Naked Wines

The online #indie wine shop with a big mission: To change the wine industry — for the benefit of independent winemakers and wine drinkers everywhere.

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