She flew 5,912 miles away— for the love of Sonoma Zinfandel

Indie winemaker Montse Reece has a profound love for Dry Creek Valley and its famous red wines. While Spain will always be home, her winemaking home is — without a doubt — California.

She grew up in the vineyards of Catalonia, but Montse Reece always knew — there was just something about California Wine Country. That’s why she moved halfway across the world with passion and a few pennies in her pocket — to live out her Dry Creek Valley winemaking dream.

Sonoma winemaker Montse Reece joins Naked Wines to make exclusive Dry Creek Valley reds for the 300,000 member community. Follow Montse at

Now Montse Reece is one of this prestigious appellation’s most celebrated producers — and as your newest indie winemaker, she’s ready to show off decadent, top-shelf reds like this Dry Creek Valley Cabernet.

Right in time for Women’s History Month, Montse joins Naked Wines’ winemaker community from her adopted Sonoma home, where she makes award-winning wines for one of the region’s most iconic family vineyards — Pedroncelli — a historic 90+year-old ranch in the heart of Dry Creek.

With Naked Wines’ funding, she’s crafting her very own line of northern Sonoma reds. These wines really show off her winemaking expertise and love of Sonoma wine culture, fused with an Old World touch she brings from her native Catalonia.

Follow Montse to get first access to wines from Dry Creek Valley’s most legendary ranch
Montse’s second home is in the vineyards of Pedroncelli Ranch. As the property’s lead winemaker she can perfectly harness each block’s unique flavors to bring you the best example of Dry Creek’s plush power.

You’ll love her, and you’ll love her Zinfandel and Cabernet. These wines are flush with bright, generous flavors, popping with bright fruit (like handfuls of ripe red cherries!) and balanced with a spiced touch from barrel aging.

Montse’s Sonoma wines, made exclusively for the Naked community, are already standouts— in fact, her Cabernet just won a top medal from one of the country’s big wine competitions. Talk about making a delicious impression!

Montse Reece, based in Dry Creek Valley, California, is one of 98 independent winemakers supported by the customers of Naked Wines, USA. Learn more about Montse and her Sonoma reds by visiting




The online #indie wine shop with a big mission: To change the wine industry — for the benefit of independent winemakers and wine drinkers everywhere.

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Naked Wines

Naked Wines

The online #indie wine shop with a big mission: To change the wine industry — for the benefit of independent winemakers and wine drinkers everywhere.

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